Jed Crouse has been serving as the  Pastor of Youth and Outreach for 11 years at New Life Community Advent Christian Church in Baraboo, WI.  He began performing magic at the age of 12 when he was taught his first trick by one of my elementary school teachers. Through the years, He has worked with multiple magicians and built his repertoire up to where he has not only preformed alongside  many notable  performers, but he has also been invited to lecture for the Fellowship of Christian Magicians, International Clown Hall of Fame, The American Clown Academy, and many others.

Jed and his wife Traci, reside in Baraboo, Wisconsin with their son Andrew.



Colossians  3:23 teaches that whatever we are to do is to be done for the Lord and not for man, so Jed began finding opportunities where he could use a love of circus and magic to illustrate the word of God. Jed has been blessed to be able to connect with people in such a visual way and yet have a greater purpose than just entertainment.

I thank you for your consideration of inviting me to come and share my heart for spreading the truth of God’s word through magic.