Presto’s Magical Circus

Presto’s Magical Circus


Presto the clown isn’t your typical circus clown, sure, he carries his juggling clubs with him where ever he goes, and is quick to pull a quarter out from behind an unsuspecting child’s
ear, but what makes presto different from your average circus clown, he doesn’t work at the circus. Pastor Jed Crouse, aka Presto “r” Clown is a full time minister in Baraboo, WI, yet has been giving up his time to volunteer at Circus World Museum, teach at the American Clown Academy, and perform around the world.

When it comes to clowning Jed has been performing professionally for 7 years, but ask anyone around him and you will learn that clowning has been apart of his life from the beginning.

Jed grew up in Baraboo, Wi, the home of the Ringling Brother’s Circus and spent his summers days either watching the circus performance, or practicing with his neighbors for their annual 9th street circus performance.

Although relatively new to the art of clowning Jed has been performing for 21 years in school and community theater, choirs, and as a cooperate magician.

In the last four years Jed has begun attending and lecturing in various conventions and599304_10150961570320671_548709280_n clown academies allowing him to not only grow in knowledge, but in authority as well
as he rubs shoulders with some of the best in the business.

Show Options

Presto’s Magical Circus is a self-contained production! Whether you
want a full week of circus shows at your fair or just 15 minutes of Tom Foolery before every convention session  Presto’s Magical Circus has what your looking for.

Each Performance of Presto’s Magical Circus will include: Silly comedy magic, High-energy, action packed juggling, Audience participation, Tons of Tom Foolery, Brilliant balancing acts, & Joy and laughter for all ages!

We offer 2 completely different shows daily so your fair patrons wont see the same show twice!

Also, when you book Presto’s Magical Circus you will receive free walk around entertainment in between performances!

    Other options include: Walk around magic, Balloon artistry, Corporate events, Fundraisers, MC work, Open houses, Atmosphere building, & Ministry events