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Book release and signing... - Jed Crouse Ministries

Book release and signing…

I began writing this book after returning from my sabbatical in 2012. It has spent a lot of time sitting around gathering dust as I edited, revised, re-revised, a wrestled with what to do with it. After some recent encouragement I have put together something to make available …

Biblical lessons I learned at the Circus  is a collection of devotions and random thoughts Jed has put together as he has ministered as a Associate Pastor, Circus Chaplain, and Clown.  Jed has a keep ability to see humor and biblical lessons in all of life’s circumstances, and shares some of them with you here in his book.



Willing to be shot out of cannon? “Are you willing to trust God with all you’ve got? Are you willing to go ALL IN for the Lord, trusting that His trajectory is correct? If not what’s holding you back? 3…2…1…blast off! Jed Crouse, in his book “Lessons I learned @ the Circus” if you are involved in Clown Ministry, or a Christian that Clowns, this is a book that will challenge you. Written as short articles, is a easy read. But will cause you to reflect on your relationship with Him. Thanks Jed. I should add this book can benefit any Christian. ~ Hal Grant

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